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Our Story

Jordan Nagasaki





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My name is Jordan, and this is our story.
I was born and raised in Ontario. When I was a kid I visited my grandfather in Victoria and from that day on it was my dream to live in British Colombia when I grew up. After moving to Ottawa, graduating school in recording engineering/music industry arts, and learning the ins and outs of the painting industry; I started my first painting business as Ottawa's Finest Painting & Contracting.
Me and my team painted several hundred homes before I decided to venture off to Calgary to see more of Canada and to open Phoenix Coatings Inc.
After being told of an opportunity to move the business to B.C a few years ago, I immediately jumped on it and haven't looked back since.
I'm on a mission to make my dreams and aspirations a reality, and to do so while being kind and being of service to others. Our mission as a business is to offer quality workmanship, to do business with good hearted people, and to work along-side our clients to ensure a positive experience from estimate to completion.
I called the company Phoenix Coatings because of the meaning the Phoenix has in Japanese folklore. It is a symbol of determination, beauty and adaptability. Whether in life or in business, when we experience challenging times, we have the ability to learn, work through anything, and rise stronger than ever.
I've learned from the best across the country and now me and my team are ready to offer the people of Vancouver Island the best quality painting services money can buy.
Never stop chasing your goals.
- Jordan Nagasaki

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